Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All Testo

Testo Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All

Why are we still sneaking behind the backs of people we don't love anymore?
We don't love 'em anymore.
Because I am so sick of living in a bone dry marriage,
I don't even know what the fuck I'm even thing anymore,
my kids a fucking pervert he smears cum on the computer desk.
My husband, a money grubbing pill eating cheat,
but I can't say I don't pop 'em too though.
When I feel fuckin sick.
I feel fuckin sick.
Now that my gardens dried up,
what do I have to life for?
Where is the man of my dreams?
Where's the cornucopia feast?
And cherry red convertible.
I won't ride the wings of my cockroach mother,
I'm too young to die inside
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