Supernova Ninja Surfers Testo

Testo Supernova Ninja Surfers

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
She sits on the shore,
her legs open to the sea,
hoping something cleaner washes in. the boats offshore,
they moan in heat, dragging their ass on the ocean floor.
Oh please just give us a little more of that love we bore our mattress for.
The tide it cums and comes and cums and she is wet with waiting,
overwhelming sexual tension has readied her for such situation,
her sloppy dock has been torn open again and again for me,
and we will not remain affectionless.
What the fuck were you thinking bringing her this rotted beachwood,
you should have known it wouldn't have been good for you,
its no good for anyone.
But, there is no good in anyone
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