Hatred From The Religious Testo

Testo Hatred From The Religious

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Guided by hatred, you've created a religion all of your own.
Dogmatically defending your hypocritical position (position).
Grounded in rebellion, yet ever conforming to the demands of your peers.
What is it you're so afraid of? Brain washed.
Emptied of all individuality.
Demanding that we fit your mold.
We don't fear you - you've made us stronger.
Open-mindedness redefined.
Keep telling us we're ignorant, keep telling us we don't belong, we'll keep you in our prayers and keep making worship songs (2x).
Where is this tolerance you speak of?
Why are your lips tainted by that which you condemn?
A strictly defined double standard - I am disgusted by what I observe (disgusted by what I observe).
I am so tired of a finger pointed at me - with closed eyes and a loud mouth, are you unwilling to learn?
I am disgusted by what I observe.
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