Romans 1:20 Testo

Testo Romans 1:20

Inserito il 21 Dicembre 2009
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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Lord, I can see you moving.
I can hear you whispering in the artistry painted across the evening sky.
Empty space became your canvas.
Everything I observe around me screams out your name.
The stars are a blueprint of your incredible magnitude. Your fingerprint beats between my ribs.
I can feel your arms wrapped lovingly around me, even when I fight to be released.
I can hardly articulate in words the beauty of your merciful forgiveness.
The divine wisdom you have displayed, Oh father, the staggering compassion is overwhelming.
How you have suffered, Oh Christ.
Oh how you have loved.
Crucified king, risen savior, personal giver of salvation (x2). The cross casts a shadow of grace.
Lord won't you show me your face.
Won't you take my hand?
Wont you open my eyes so that I may see your plan?
On my knees I shower in your presence.
With my hands in the air I exalt my father.
Here I am to worship.

Scarica la suoneria di Romans 1:20!
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