Present Tenses Testo

Testo Present Tenses

Ed Sheeran presenterà gli MTV EMA 2015 a Milano
Making better doors out of windowsTime is wearing its marks on youAnd it showsDon't make a moveCuz your favorite song is playingIt's a rut, not a grooveAnd I'm not staying thereChop into fine linesTo make a better consensusCarve a graven imageTo help forget about present tensesThe bell shaped curve always rings trueForget about today and yesterday is greatThrough and throughCuz today's a boreWhen Daddy's shirts are prettyWhat could you want more?Fiddle old tunes while the city burnsPaint over greyWith what looks best under rose colored lensesMommy and Daddy were rightLooking backward while the present tensesAshen faces stuck in alabasterForever caught in movement, not movingIs that how you will be with your dumb, blind pride?Then that's how we'll dieLike PompeiiWith our faces to the side