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Testo Role Model

Who can see behind those eyesWhere selfish hems in sense and reason?Who can understand a man who'd tradeTiny drops for a larger treason?I know a man who is not what he seemsI know a man tearing up at the seamsI know a man and whenever he dreamsHe cheers for the out-of-town teamsCHROUSWhat silver bullet will destroy you?Your wicked secret must be made knownHow to kill a man who is one woundWho has no weakness of his own?Who can see behind that mouthThat spews out story craft for charm?Who can even try to begin to hurtA man whose hide betrays no harm?I know a man who hides his careI know a man and he's standing right thereI know a man and he'd never dareHe's got no soul to bareCHORUSYou're holding on to the plastic and glassDon't pick a role for a model

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