Silent Goodbye Testo

Testo Silent Goodbye

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
From the first heated steps of a skulking byTo the last cold breath of 'I hate you'!These things take too much effortTo make it worth my whileIf you think that you know what I'm thinkingIt won't ever do to correct youWhy should I care if you think you're rightWhen the answer's all over your face?This is a silent goodbyeTo a fated mistakeAn unwitting arrowPointing to the road that you'll never takeDidn't meant to make you feel so badI don't mean anythingFrom a quick half-glance in the hallwayTo the slow dull stare of the dawnThese are things I can't be botheredTo bother with anymoreMy eyes hide eyes you can never seeAnd my hands are never far from the truthA glare from your smile can't blind meIt can only make me yawnThis is a silent goodbyeWith my back turned politelyYou're standing right hereBut I find I only see you slightlyDidn't mean to so lightly say itI don't mean anythingI don't mean anythingAnd I don't see you anymoreGoodybe

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