Sleepwalker Testo

Testo Sleepwalker

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Living from yawn to yawnOn the lawnOf a tired houseIt's the same old songDreaming your life awayIt's okayIf you never wake upIt'll be a glad dayGet up without getting upSleepwalkerIt sure looks peacefulBut it's nothing I wanna beYou're not quite all right thereBut I dareSay you do a good imitation of being awareYou look almost alertIn the dirtWith your life support comingStraight through your t-shirtFeet forward, eyes closedSleepwalkerKeep wearing those pajamasYou know they suit you wellDid you hear me yelling?Didn't mean to startle youDidn't mean to make you feel so deliriousMaybe one day you'll have a near life experience

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