The Agony And The Irony Testo

Testo The Agony And The Irony

I am the one making mountains out of molehillsI am the one who is crying when the milk spillsPlease don't try to understand my rageMy heart is in the right place - behind my rib cageI always look a gift horse in the mouthWhen I see that shadow I won't come outI know it won't amount to a hill of beansBut I'd like to show that little girl just what 'ironic' meansCarpet baggers and scalawagsHad better makes their wayThe day has come when someone elseWill gladly have their sayYou had your chance - now it's mineAnd my song escapes me proudAnd if your neighbor won't objectPlease turn this song up LOUDAll in love ain't fair, nor carnival or feastNo cotton candy, only engine whir and axle greaseMore flies with honey, but who wants to fight 'em?Carpe diem ad infinitumA watched pot never boils but it's fasterThan one left off the stove by a lazy rich bastardDon't bite the hand that feeds you they sayDon't feed the mouth that bites you is a better waySteel yourself for the inventoryTo take stock of your mindTry not to be too surprisedWith the little that you findI raided it a while agoTo make my verbal shroudAnd if your neighbor won't objectPlease turn this song up LOUD

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