The Kiss-Off Testo

Testo The Kiss-Off

I'm trying to sketch a figureBut my mind is drawing a blankI never tried so hard to get a MissAs thisAnd it showsLike a stainOn a baby's new clothesI'd like to take a shotBut I'm afraid of the ricochetShe nods and smiles when I speakBut I'm weakAnd my grinAin't enoughTo let me inCHORUS:But I can't sing that song anymoreI can't play that tune anymoreThose same old changes bore meI've rigged it so you can't ignore meAnd now I'm ready for the kiss-off.I used to make marks for the points I scoredJust above my smirkIn the lines on my faceBut now I knowAn hour of actionIs worth a lifetime of good ideasThat I can't traceCHORUS

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