Gypsy Rose Testo

Testo Gypsy Rose

She tells me I'm the poster-boy for American sadness
And the madness is in the mirror that's a-hangin' on your wall
Cause' if it all ends tomorrow, then the sorrow that you sing about
Will mean a whole lot of nothing when there's no one left at all

She likes to talk religion with nearly every one she meets,
She' discrete as a lover, but she wears outrageous clothes
And she complains about the weather when there's nothing left to complain about
She says her name is Heather, but I do believe it's Rose

Gypsy Rose, where you going to?
you should know, that i could follow you
all my life, ain't what it seems to be
Gypsy Rose, Part of you is part of me

She can speak in tounges of ancient times, piece of riddle; parts of rhyme
and she seems to be a stranger nearly everywhere she goes
so there's no excuse for innocence, she knows too much about it all
she says: “coincidence is just a land mine that's looking for your toes..”

She lives inside her head; that is a certain state of mind
Behind the curtain, caught between two walls of faith and destiny
And she doesn't cast a shadow in the early hour afternoon
She's here and there then gone somewhere like the ghost you didn't see

Gypsy Rose...
Where you going to?
You should know, that i will follow you
Down every road, and everywhere I see
Gypsy rose, part of you is part of me

She understands her position and the faces of a friend
She's terrified of thunder man, she don't like locks or chains
So she keeps a key around her neck, she says it's for protection
For she can open any door she has to when it rains...

She stands on every corner in nearly any given town
She drinks life like soda pop and spits into the wind
She's got hair like semolina, seems like it's always burning up
I asked her: “could you ever love me?” she said: “Um, Well, that depends”

Gypsy Rose...
Where you going to?
Where you go, i'm gonna follow you
What I know, it' everywhere I see
Gypsy rose, part of you is part of me

She says to me I'm lucky just to be just like I am
But I'll be damned if I don't feel like my soul's about to bleed
She says: “that don't matter none, cause we're all lost in the hurricane”
“besides, desire ain't nothing more than chasing what you need.”
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