Nothing Comes From Nothing Testo

Testo Nothing Comes From Nothing

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I hear two trains in the distance
I hear two whistles blow
One has got my baby
The other i don't know

I sit here dumb!
Oh, and I thought you knew
Nothing comes from nothing
And that's all i get from you

I asked that stationmaster
But he just told me lies
He asked me for my ticket
There ain't no big surprise

That I sit here dumb!
My mind is getting blue
Nothing comes from nothing
And thats all i get from you

So if you see my baby
Tell her I was here
Tell her that I waited
Won't you make it mighty clear

That she's no good!
She's low-down-dirty-too
Yes nothing comes from nothing
And thats all i'll get from you
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