Catch U Testo

Testo Catch U

[feat. Tiki Thunder]

You say that you been hurt, hurt, hurt
The last one made it worse, worse, worse, worse
But baby hear my words, words, words, words
I'm falling for you

Don't you notice when I call, call, call, call
Always joke 'bout holl', holl', hollerin at you
I know deep down inside your smi, smi, smilin'
So I'll do my best, keep try, try, tryin'

I know it sounds crazy
But girl, night and daily
All I wanna do
Is to be next to you

Wake up in the morning
Send a text or two to
Never stop reminding
If you fall,

Baby I'm a catch, catch, cacatch you
If it's last thing that I do, do, dodo, do
I'm a catch, catch, cacatch you
If it's last thing that I do, do, dodo, do
If you choose to fall
I'm a give my all
I'm a ca ca ca cacatch catch you

I want you, achu
Bless you for bein' so true
Makes no sense how things are
That you are alone, a lone star
So I can't deny it, what you mean to me
You're literally just everything you need to be
P-e-r-f-e-c-t, Perfect come so easily
Don't worry girl you are the one
Even If you lose I know that I won
Q T P Y T Cute pretty young thing
My heart's just melting
Can't explain how I feel
But deep down I know this is real
So cast you heart you will reel
The true meaning of love's feel

I know you've been lied to
I know you've been cheated
You are a queen, that's how
You should be treated

I'll give you the throne
Everything I own
If you call me all yours
And I call you my own


So I'm right here
Thinking again
If it's you and me
What's happening
I know deep down inside you wonder
So let's hear some words from Tiki Thunder

Okay here we go one time
Words from the heart end up makin lines
Lines that make you start to drop
Fall in my arms I got you caught
Caught you in my dream catcher
Dreams are inceptions to complex to have her
But tht won't stop me
Naw naw tht won't stop me
Red light green light
Green light goooo time
My time is yours and yours is mines
Connect are hearts well just be fine
And it's 11: 11 I think it's that time
Wish wish wish come true
If you free fallin I will catch you
So let's make happen


Why would I needa catch them all?
If all I need is you?
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