Confused Testo

Testo Confused

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
I had a smile on my face
Til I slept
It didn't change, it stayed
We held hands
As a joke
Or was it?
I try to deny
That there's something inside
I lie to my friends
But it just never ends

We're just friends, aren't we?
Or do you feel something for me?

I'm confused
About you
Wish I knew
What I really feel
Are you
Confused too
'Cause I do
But I'm scared to be with you
It's what you do to me [x2]

You rode on my back
And you stayed
In my mind
You're all I talk about
It's annoying my friends
And it's annoying me too
I say that I don't
But they say I do
Do you really want me?
Wait, do I want you?



You said that you liked me
But then
You walked away
I missed you so much
And called
Asked you would you be mine
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