Internet Love Song Testo

Testo Internet Love Song

If I could google to find a way
To help me say that I like you
I'd go yahoo make you my boo
Within a day or two

If I messaged, would you read it
Tweet it would you see it
Cause I can't say it to your face
If I post it up on aim
Would it be the same?
Oh well, here goes nothin'

I'm gonna poke you 'cause I miss you
Like you cause I do
Reblog everything that reminds me of you
I hope you get the hint
And if you don't get it yet
I'm tryna say I like you the use of the internet

This is my internet love song [x2]
Doo bee doo bee doo
W w w. I like you

You wouldn't be forever alone
If you were down to get with me (smiley face)
What do I really wanna say?

LOL lots of love
GTG got to get you
SMH for me's you stole my heart
I know that that was cheesy
But what do you expect
If it comes from the heart, it don't gotta be correct


I can't even express how I feel
Www.this is real
So I log in just to aim you
But you ain't online, forreal?
So I upload a song on YouTube
Dedicate it to you boo
I hope you listen 'cause this song is just for you
Google I'm feelin' lucky
So can you answer this?
I'll formspring her under Mr. Annonymous
Tweet her 143 I miss you, I love you
What did I miss?
Here's my internet love song
FaceBook status this.

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