Dem Laws Testo

Testo Dem Laws

[Hook x2: Pimp C sample of "One Day" by UGK]
Dem Laws is try'na lock us up for the whole century
Dem-dem Laws is
Dem-dem Laws is laws is
Dem laws is try'na lock us up for the whole century
Dem-dem-dem Laws is
Dem-dem-dem-dem Laws is

[Verse 1: K-Rino]
How come y'all like to bother people on the Black folk side of town?
We can even throw a block party without y'all tricks coming around
Everyday all they wanna do is hit you hard
What'cha looking for I don't sit on no bar
Ripping up seats in my brand new car, damn man y'all taking this shit too far
Preposterous, just cause of who I am I get harassed
I just ask you for your bag number and damn you wanna blast?
Try'na shatter me and break me like a hammer too some glass
They'll slam on the glass, even with that camera on the dash
Mr. Grandma poting hash my homegirl Pamela had stashed
Flunked an exam from ghetto class her first day amateur capass
He was mad because we had bang and it was jamming on blast
I should of ran cause I don't think his fat ass stand under calass
They might follow you from yo dow to Mexico
Hope your gun acidently go off and shoot you through your own ass like Plexico
In fifety-nine pieces your vest I'll blow
These police getting took out everyday keep harassing you'll be the next to go

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: K-Rino]
These pigs used to wanna peel you
What'cha mean used to they still do
Make no mistake as you living in the ghetto these policies out to kill you
The whole department's racist, pull you over in the darkest places
When they walk up on ya pull ya piece and let it spark in they faces
Go to the courthouse everyday the same replay
Satan in a form of the cops the judge and the D.A.
The truth is most Black people are lacking info
They never knew about the Willie Linchletter or the Jim Crow
They want'cha dead or locked up so they keep coming hard
Blood shed they'll never both, they'll shoot ya in ya momma's yard
We having a party we done sold up the whole block
What's the occasion? A racist cop just got his ass popped
YAY! some of y'all might think this just a song
But this goin keep on happenin' til' y'all learn to leave us alone
The next stunt will make the whole hood go crazy
What kind of coward would use a taser on an old lady?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: K-Rino]
Fuck dem laws (fuck em)
Try'na lock a nigga up for the whole century
Put a nigga in jail and don't give a damn about what he pleed
They take yo cash, strip yo ass, fingerprint, and take yo belt
Make you bend over and cough (gasps) goddamn I ain't got nothing else
First of all I'm in this bitch and I really don't even suppose to be
I was at the club chillin and two muthafuckers lied on me
Now find a case, pay a lawyer and I still got bills on my back
I got caught up in some bullshit real talk, nigga I do this
I suppose, I should write my judge a long letter
And tell her I ain't coming back, and she owe me fifty stacks
And my daddy always told me never never get scared nigga
Looked him in the eyes stand strong you a man nigga
So fuck it (HA) two teels in the bucket (come on)
All of the D.A.'s prosecutors and judges can suck it
K-Water clans for fuckin' killa
Ready to murk, every five-o nigga, forealla

[Hook x4]
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