Solitary Confinement Testo

Testo Solitary Confinement

You will be held
In Solitary Confinement
Until further notice

Minutes after I received my sentence
I was then sent to the threshold of a corridors entrance
Forced into a hellish existence
I wends from intense pain then commence to seek intense repentance
My hands served as a surveyor
With no light I'm sightless I stand beneath darkeness third layer
Imprisoned as a punishment I was sieving of faith
In a place so desolate prayers can't even escape
The reason I was here was never communicated clear
Two minutes in this place appeared like I had waited years
When the lights came on I was bathed and bladed tears
Cause the room had common dears all of my greatest fears
This ain't Hades cause it ain't hot and I don't see devils
I saw three different escalators that lead to three levels
I stepped on the first one making sure to be careful
So I fluid field lines in the walls that look like blood vessels
That first floor was called confessional
For twenty-four hours straight they questioned and pression you to express the truth
Everything I did, every evil act was tracked on a sheet of black stone
I had to reenact and read it back
Painfully I suffered as I heard people applaud
I saw every face of every individual that I scared
Childhood to teenage to adulthood years
Each woman that ever shed tears over me indically appeared
Who I hurt bad despite them loving me
And left them to suffer without the slightest concern of their recovery
I looked at all the people I dissed
Beg to torture and seek in desist couldn't leave they shackle my feet and my wrist
Then I was giving the proposition
To go to the next level or stay in this condition
My selection was to move on not realizing
That the second level was twice as painful and traumatizing
From the moment I put one foot on the next floor
I became sick to my stomach disguised by what I saw
People who needed me in life that I chose to ignore
Stood before me with intensions to even up the score
One of them said "do you remember me?
I'm the homeless man that you didn't feed you passed right by me in my time of need
Said please but ending up receiving no love
You was leaving the club, judge me and accuse me of being on drugs
But you didn't know that I was a celestial
Angel on the earthly quest morally test you
You left in the thought never revisited or stress you
That one great gesture without questioned with a bless you
So now you'll feel the pain of those you never said yes to
For seven years straight like they did with no rescue
The horror in the field without letter will invest you
The cycle who repeat itself eternally, unless you"
Decide to go to the final stage
But it's your last one, after this there's no turning the page
I said let's go, with no idea where I would be sent
Knowing this was it, back to the escalator I went
The last and worst floor was deep as the earth's core
I was more nervous than the first hoar to walk inside the church door
I was instructed to sit by a wall with two slits
Approximately one inch and length one inch in width
When they opened up somebody said look inside
I was so petrified I ask if I could decline and said denied
Chances to survive was put in doubt
I passively looked in and realize that I was really looking out
I saw a tree sunlight and I rose up
Soon as a glimmer of hope expose itself the slits closed up
Once again I became mindful of my situation
The same voice said look behind you
And when I did it was such a burden
To see every person from the first two levels of the third wing
I knew then I messed up, and should of chose better
Instead of one at a time I had to face it all together
How long will I be in this place, please tell me?
Closter-phobic in a small cell where they hell me
A voice said just think and rewind
The whole time you was subconsciously confined in a guilt of your own mind
In these two slits on your eyes
So understand if you continue to puricute these thoughts will stay in you
But something had to teach you
We had no authority over your brain you contain the power to release you
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