The Life Of Love Testo

Testo The Life Of Love

[David Sha:]
Love, Love
Love, Love
Love, Love

[Verse 1: K-Rino]
The initial meeting was magic my vision was real pleased
I met her on the pasta aisle near the macaroni and cheese
Despite a dose of imitation I moved closer
Her glow was so ultra I was nervous to approach her
Was kinda out of practice hadn't done this in awhile
But much to my astonishment I was greeted was a smile
I told her my name is K-rino, she cut me off flat
She said "what's ya real name yo momma didn't name you that"
As we chopped it up, for a few to similarities grew
I'm looking in the basket oh are you vegetarian too
I know you in here making groceries and I ain't try'na stall you so
I'm a get out cha way but um is it alright if I call you?
She said "sure", so now I'm home try'na keep my cool
Killing time try'na use the old school two-day rule
When I finally picked the phone up butterflies start to visit
I get an apprehensive feeling as I start dialing the digits
All kind of thoughts into my mental I start to wonder
Is this just a voicemail? Did she give me the wrong number?
I'm assuming in a few short seconds I will know
The doubt turn into relation once I heard her say "Hello" Woah

[Hook: David Sha]
Love is life
And the life of love
Through the bad and good
It's so beautiful
And even when
It all fades away
You can live to love
Another day, another day

[Verse 2: K-Rino]
As we invoked up on our first real verbal endeavor
Conversation flow like I had been knowing her forever
We was so compaddable it was laughable
The connection and energy from that natural attraction was unmatchable
The vibe she gave off was so casual
She was laid back smart and rational passionate not theagical
The progression through courtship was gradual
The way she seemed to travel through my every mental avenue was massival
Three hours of phone talking nightly
And subsequent daily text messages and emails she would write me
You know that feeling that gets in your stomach when...
Every thought that's coming from within that special someone is accomplishing
The confirmation date I'm wondering
No sex or fondling astonishing I can't believe how many months it's been
Patiently I waited the duration was completed
On the day that we relished the expectation was conceited

[Hook: David Sha]

[Verse 3: K-Rino]
Sharing a home now we entering the experiable zone
And we so gone friends and family done leave us alone
A mighter discrepancy never was long
Respect made nothing irreparable correctional efish was strong
Thing started going terribly wrong, we lost strive
Love started giving away the mistrust on both sides
And a mosity a lack of communication starts with from
Feening to be together to feening to be apart
And now we tension and resentment the both of us are consume
Going hours without speaking but sitting in the same room
In the same bed but now it's like a wall is in-between us
Folks who knew us then wouldn't recognize us if they seen us
As the frustration level reach the peaking escalation
The agitation graduates the daily altercations
We was both hurting, problems you can read in my face
I started feeling like Tom because I needed My-Space
See as first we was the perfect lovers
We went from speaking encouraging words to seeking out verbal slurs to hurt each other
And truthfully it's not worth it brother
I used to see deep into her other ram but now I only see the surface of her
You feel the burn ask yourself when will ya learn
You're real concern is she starts telling you that old familiar term
Yeah I love you but I'm not in love with'chu
And retrospect no regrets it's for the best to break up it's official

[Hook: David Sha]

Love, Love
Love, Love
Love, Love
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