I Got Stripes Testo

Testo I Got Stripes

[talking: K-Rino]
Yeah, time to raise up
It's your boy K-Rino

It's a promise if I say it, I mean it
If I speak it, I done did it or seen it
If you see me homie, gimme some dap
Dead end soldiers slanging these raps
You ain't gotta ask me if it's official
While you informing and blowing the whistle
I don't let no rookies into my cipher
I was mobbing back when you was in diapers

True to the game that's my word and I live on it
You say my clique ain't certified, bet your crib on it
If y'all don't know the name, it's South Park Coalition
Before you step in my division, you better have permission
I'll mark a spot off, focusing, blow your knot off
I'm a monster; I don't need a pick to get my shot off
What's in my mind might blow back your hairline
I grind for a living, snapping haters in my spare time
Check my clout, 24/7 cash route
Show up 90 deep at your house, you probably pass out
The hood is hungry, so that made me hit the streets quicker
They tryna water me down like I was cheap liquor
Where I'm from pull a stunt you'll get your mug split
I left the club with the chick you was in love with
Now I'm standing on the top of all my competition
I own the low block, try to knock me off position


I was mashing back before you learned to read and write
Catch the dude that's slandering my name and beat 'em to the white
Maybe then he'll flip the switch and see the light
Rocking two boppers a day I might just go for three tonight
My adversaries wanna disrespect my commentary
Born in a G circle, you ain't even honorary
See I'm the type to snatch the mic and get trifling with you
You the type that's smiling on your drivers license picture
Get outta pocket and a lotta lefts and rights will hit ya
Leave you disfigured, so sick that your mama might forget ya
Straight out the ghetto on a mission for the fattest stack
You showed up in a limousine, I rolled through in a Cadillac
With a water cask, so phat that it's absurd
And three aggravated fools who never say a word
They more than qualified to handle beef if it occurred
I speak on what I know; you suckers speak on what you heard


These fellas acting hard, your whole clique's fraud
I got more hustles then the project's got WIC cards
You can't shut the game down like you say you could
I'm worldwide and you ain't never left your neighborhood
You conversating with the law, you all cool with them
Do what you do, but me myself I never fool with them
These boys still talking bout how hard they ball, it's funny
You sounding good but your girlfriend making all the money
Ride with' me, anything I say I can prove
In middle school we was making grown man moves
See you an adolescent, you ain't left is best you ought to
A lamb crossing over crocodile infested waters
You say your paper's long, let's go to the bank and see
You acting like you a BEAST, boy you must think you me
As long as I'm in my vessel I'll be tryna stack
Smack you in the grill with both hands tied behind my back

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