Basic Thugonomics Freestyle Testo

Testo Basic Thugonomics Freestyle

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
So you think your untouchable

[Chorus: John Cena Inserted] [scratched by DJ Chaos]
Word life! This is basic thugonomics
This is ba-basic thugomoics
Word life! [scratching]
[Esoteric] "I'm untouchable, but I'm forcin you to feel me"
Word life! This is bas-[scratch]
Basic thugo-[scratch]-thugo-[scratch]-thugonomics
Word life! [scratching]
[Esoteric] "I'm untouchable, but I'm forcin you to feel me"

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt is back fuck you, you sat
Nigga comin down South mothafuckin sittin fuckin down
NIgga don't be down, nigga I'll shut you down
Fuck you, you suck like lookin like a clown
T.I. you think your good but you ain't got no mood
Lil Scrappy you suck but you look like crappy
Fuck you both mothafuckin jackass niggaz ain't comin down South
I'ma rap really fast you suck niggaz past
I represent the Dirty Dirty South but you niggaz ain't got no big mouth
I'm crippin down yo' lane fuck your shamed
Fuck Tha Game cause that nigga got framed for bein so lame
Comin fuckin slamed, nigga I slayed
I always pray nigga your shamed
Fat Hoe thinks he all that but he just a big ass nigga hoe
You know me, I'm Lil' Matt king of the South
Fuck those niggaz if they ain't from the South
Joe BUdden think he cool but he got fuckin DROOLEDDD!

[Chorus to fade] [John Cena Inserted] [Scratched by DJ Chaos]