Lil' Matt In Texas Testo

Testo Lil' Matt In Texas

(feat. Lil' Thirteen Kingz)

[Chorus Scratch: x3]
Lil'-Lil' in Texas
Lil'-Lil' in Texas
Lil' Matt in Texas
Bitch niggaz in Screwstum
Lil' Matt in Texas
Lil'-Lil' in Texas
Lil' Matt in Texas
Bitch niggaz in Screwstum

[Lil' Matt]
This is Lil' Matt king of the South
I'm with my niggaz Lil' Thirteen Kingz
Bitch mothafucka you need some Ice Bezeltyne
I'ma verse dick twrist fuck you niggaz if you don't like to be first

[Lil' Will]
Lil' Will is back with my new Lac
Not fat just sippin leen cutting some spleen
It's Lil' Will in Texas don't forget Screwstum

[Lil' Crippa]
Crippsta ain't a wimp but sippin ten
Memphis 10 don't give a fuck cause I'm grippin on my ballz
You know me I like call like goin to the mall but it ain't fall

[Lil' Shawt]
I'm too short I build a fort
Niggaz you need some leen cut some spleen
But I ain't with Dean fuck you I ain't a bean

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Hustle]
Hustle with Pure Mexican Muscle
Faso El Paso fuck you niggaz eat some platos
I'm a Mexican eat niggaz but ain't chillin

[Lil' Ed]
Ed grippin on yo' bed fuck niggaz if they ain't red
But my name is Fred bitch nigga you dead
Lil' Ed king of bling bling needs to rest cause you ain't the best

[Lil' Crippa]
My second verse my last fuck you cause you can't say suck you
Crippa in the house still representatin Swisha House
Nigga nigga you need to stop bein a trout cause you niggaz don't like mouse

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil Head]
Lil Head ain't dead he wit Lil' Ed
Fuck you niggaz if you ain't on the bed
Head in the house Ed in the house bitch niggaz you ain't in the house
Fuck those niggaz in the house

[Lil' Hustle]
Hustle again, fuck you again nigga shut up cause I ain't wit you again
Hustle rustle bustle but I got muscle
Hustle the best you ain't the king, king of my bling bling don't give a fuck cause I'm sippin on my leen
Verse is last I'm still sippin leen fuck you niggaz cutting spleen my name ain't Dean

[Lil Chrome]
Chrome is on his throne
Don't give me the phone give a grone
Nigga you a robot don't give sour bot
I fought well but then I got bought

[Lil' Screw]
Screw in town fuckin now in downtown
Slappin happenin rappin not clappin
Lil' Screw with his Lil' Thirteen Kingz crew flew blew
Still sippin leen not grippin penz just sippin leen

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matta is here for beer give me some deer
You here, que paso nada fuck you sad uh
Sit the fuck down and don't make a frown you clown

[Lil Skyscrapa]
Scrapa here fuck fear nigga some deer
The Lil' Thirteen Kingz have a lot of bling bling
Bitch nigga that bee stinged me
You know me I'm free sippin leen

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil Blinga Ling]
Lil Blinga Ling sippin with Dean
Niggaz Neva happy always crappy like that bitch nigga Lil Scrappy
I'm always happy crip static flip mechanic
Still on history but never had a victory

[Lil' Fate]
Fate ain't bait grippin paint
Sippin leen cutting spleen hittin teens
But mostly sippin leen, Fate fits in crates
Sittin down ain't my thang but makin frowns is my thang

[Lil' Rap]
Rap in the bulidin still millin
I'm a millionaire not like Chamillionaire
Sippin leen cutting spleen grippin penz are are thang
I ain't from the future but I came out of the scripture

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Shawt]
Shawt sippin not grippin still flippin
I came out the flo' hittin doors strippin poles
Nigga watch don't swat just give me gat

[Lil' Rap]
Rap sat grippin fat sippin sat just give me a gat or rat
I'm a rappin son of a bitch not a snitch crip niggs
Yo' Rap feelin top billin still sippin but not grippin

[Lil' Crippa]
I'm from Texas live in Houston Texas
Welcome to Texas Lil' Matt and Paul Wall did dat song
Cripped and falled, slipped and flopped
It's Lil' Crippa still sippin leen supreme

[Lil' Fate]
Lil' but ain't got no fate still bait grippin paint
Lil' Crippa my friend but you a fiend
Lil' Matt my friend we both kings of the South and gots the big mouths

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil Head]
Head red Fred dead Ed on bed
Johnny Headston my brother not he was my father
My mother was the best but she was representatin the West
My sister the best but the was representatin the West too

[Lil Chrome]
Throw the phone it's Lil Chrome
Dick ass nigga you sittin on my throne
Lil Chrome best of the South with my buddy Lil Wyte
Ain't afraid of heights just sippin wit Dwight

[Lil Skyscrapa]
Hey look a sky with a Scrapa
That's me Lil Skyscrapa
I became a rappin nigga in 2003
Still sippin leen still grippin scenes

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil Bling Ling]
Bling bling sippin with De-Den-Den
My freakin friends I'm with Den-Den
Ren-Ren Sippin-Sippin Dippin-Dippin Den-Den
You know me Blinga Ling grippin penz not flippin penz

[Lil' Hustle]
Hustle gain mo muscle
Sippin rustle bustle trunk open my muscle
I'm muscular, fuckin some of her, don't give a fuck cause she ain't got no beer
Hustle back with my Lac grippin sippin on my back

[Lil' Screw]
Screw again blew again flew wit the wind with a friend
You know me still sippin leen not grippin or pimpin penz
You know me and the Lil' Thirteen Kingz have all the bling bling
Screw friend girlfriend stupid friend no gay friend

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Will]
Lil' Will still pimpin grillz
Frillz still girls for real
Nigga fuck me or suck this

[Lil' Ed]
Ed in the crib eatin ribs
Sippin leen cutting spleen my favorite colors green
Nigga I'm a nice person eatin teens
Nigga Lil' Ed king of king size bedz will neva get a dread

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt is back with his new costumed Lac
Nigga shut up it's 2005
My favorite number is ninety-nine
Bitch niggaz you need to go get a knife cause that nigga is five

[Chorus to Fade]
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