Ice Bezeltyne Testo

Testo Ice Bezeltyne

(feat. Lil' Hustle, Lil' Ed)

[Lil' Matt]
This is Lil' Matt the best of best
Can't fuck wit the west (I'ma Southsider)
Okay, let's go

[Chorus x3: Lil' Ed]
You want ice bezeltyne, you can't have no ice bezeltyne
You can't helpmytyne, You motherfuckers ain't got ice Bezeltyne
You want ice bezeltyne, you have to buy ice bezeltyne
Your a fucker if you don't have no ice bezeltyne

[Lil' Matt]
I'm Lil' Matt, the king of the big tat bitch
If you Neva heard of me, you a bitch
If you Neva seen a bitch snitch, you a bitch
Have you eva had Ice Bezeltyne
You can't fuck wit me
I'm with my cousin Lil' Ed & my friend Lil' Hustle
I got pure Mexican muscle bitch
We three will be the king of the south
You better have princess cutz all in yo' mouth
I'ma be the best of myself
I can't lose my wealth
I rather lose my health
You can't make do dat for you
Your a train who went choo choo
My favorite colors blue, its gotta be cool
If you have clue call me so we can have ice bezeltyne
You can't fuck my Tyne, bia nigga gon be dead
My name is Matt Mata, It ain't crap
What's your name, Big Red Rap?
I'm Lil' Matt, you bitches will Neva fuck wit me
My girl Merlyn is a fuck ass hoe
She told her brother dat I'm her foe
Dat bitch is a foe that became a hoe
What the, fuck you
My name Matt Mata, you better not start wit Chapa

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Ed]
This is Lil' Ed, king of king size bedz
You bitches favorite color ain't redd
It Fred, you niggaz better not pull da trigga
My westsider friend Willy Wooh Wigga
Ain't a nigga, he a Mexican like us
He Neva liked the Southside, either tha Dirty South
He gon fuck wit his mouth
That bitch ass whore gon be wit his mom
Like his bitch ass brother Tom
His hot spot is his dog Tot
Dat dog gon be burn
I got the flares, (Yeah) I'ma burn dat bitch dog
It's rare for dog to be burn
I'ma turn the other way
Like Stray he change his dream to be a bitch
He gon snitch you, look a train (Choo Choo)
If you don't believe me den you gon be drain

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Hustle]
This is Lil' Hustle, you got no muscle
Come wit me I'll give you what eva you want (NOT!)
This dot is for you, for bein so gay
You're a bitch like Kayslay (Just Kiddin)
I Neva diss anyone, unless they diss me off
Fuck those niggaz if they come about
Some of these pussy ass niggaz gon be at a halt
Sometimes a drought, I fought
Use these (Why) cause you a bitch nigga (Asshole)
You a foe (Yeah), you a hoe (Yeah, NO)
Got you their bitch, you a snitch
You a hitch - hiker nigga
My old friend Stray is a Westsider
He ain't fuckin with a Hitchhiker
He fuckin with a bitch
Hey, come diss me off if you know how to rap bitch
I'ma be in Houston Texas

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Matt]
I'ma be at Houston Texas
Maybe even at Crewstum Texas
If you mess wit Texas you be dead on yo' head
My name is Lil' Matt
Remember or else you'll be on my stat

[Lil' Hustle]
I'ma be wit Lil' Matt at Houston Texas
Fuck you bitches you not even live in Texas
Motherfuckers shut the fuck up
Cause we gon drink in are tea cup

[Chorus: x3]

[Lil' Ed]
I'm the best
I'm one of dem Texas Boyz
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