In Honor To Hate Testo

Testo In Honor To Hate

Inserito il 19 Marzo 2011
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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[Lyrics: Demon]

The limit of behaviour out of reach
Madness now obtruding
At the hand of my sole partner hate

Now it's not enough to remember clearly
My accomplishments to sex and violence:

The stealing of lives
The ruining of fates
The creation of wounds to never be healed
The infection of blood to later be spilled

My vulgar creativity draws to a close
My vicious need of red liquid gold
Does not allow myself to go
Finally my moral dictates my will:

Venereal diseased blood, heroine, feces and urine
To become the sacred formula
By a needle through my veins

To become the best apology for my weakness
To become the last offering
In honor to hate...

Scarica la suoneria di In Honor To Hate!
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