Wreath For Eradication Testo

Testo Wreath For Eradication

[Lyrics: Demon]

All possible vision erased
Look around for same
Sensation of every bone unplaced
Think about regrets just makes me laugh

The intent of stand myself up
As useless as my lunges' scream for breath

Undertake my nails in wrists for some sensation
The last chapter's closing at one with nothing

The environment of dust and splinters
Becomes the perfect sit on front row
To see my whole life in fast motion:

The intensity on cradle act grows
The tender bones demand some more devotion

The happy ending makes it's presence
The judgement ends on my disfigurement
The anxiety to have again my senses
Is rewarded for the pain in every intent

No matter who Don t stare at who
No matter how Don't care about how
No matter why Don't hear the why

Complete the act:


Stain the fate
Crush, desecrate
There are still ways
To fill in vain
Or feeling pain
Not been created yet
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