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Testo Entrapment

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You appear stage left all searching for you plan of life.
Youth of course on your side as they play the drum and fife.
Try to get you marching to the worn out song they preach.
About how things you hope for are so very out of reach.
Can't they even remember when they had hope (and dreams).

Adolescence fled the Adolescents sang while
you, you had no chance. Then before you even
knew your wife she got in line to be your first
romance. In the sunset of your best years you
piled on the debt. You think this really can't be
happening here not here not now not yet. You're
gonna regret this it's your big fall.

Well okay life's not what it used to be. We're trying
to become something that maybe wasn't meant
to be. We're now so totally up for grabs I hope
someone's left to see. Will the end justify the
means? Well it beats the heck out of me. In the
next round what will be be?
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