Trio Testo

Testo Trio

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(Performed with Elizabeth Elmore of Sarge)

I've got nothing 'gainst he greats.
Fact the truth is you kinda like 'em a little.
Great men built all that you see.
what you see burns a hole right through you.
I'm feelin' tired all the time.
Feelin' tired's just a big excuse for you.
I got nothin' 'gainst the greats.
The more you try the less you'll be just like them.

Could you be right?
What makes you both so sure you'll will stand
up in spite, stand up to spite on you?
You can't be right.
Can't there be somethin' that'll help see the
light, help you see the light you fools.

I got nothing 'gainst the pain.
The pain you feel is nothin' great you know.
I feel for those who do not have.
You keep talking and its just lip ya know.
I want to reach the great masses.
You don't do it by sitting in your tower.
I want to teach what I know.
What you teach no one wants to learn.

All of your might, all your strength will not make
them take flight, make them retreat from you.
And when you're right, not that we think you are,
but what you are right, then you will think as we do
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