Dance Floor Testo

Testo Dance Floor

Meet you at the dance floor
Baby let's pretend
You are my girl
I am your man

I know it's not for real
But we can groove like
We were lovers underneath the moonlight
Just till the end of the song
Then we can go back to what we were doing before

When you hear this jam play it's time for me and you
To meet in the middle of the floor for that rendezvous
Nobody else matters in the spot but us
Anybody got a problem move to the back of the bus
Ain't no fussin', no hidden agenda's, there's no frontin
When it comes to us, you know it's pure lovin
If it just so happens to lead to somethin' somethin'
When it time to leave you ain't telling your friends nothin'...


So speaking hypothetically,
Your out feeling the scene,
Got your hair down, on the floor dancing with me,
Just a lil bit of time is all it takes,
To step to the edge and take that leap of faith,
So when ever you ready, it's OK,
For 3minutes and 30seconds,
Come n sway my way,
Get up and step out to the land of opportunity,
Nothing to worry about, Just you n me.

Fast forward three years and we're still on the floor
But this time it's for real you're my girl
Matter fact let's be precise you're my wife
And Mr DJ still holds it down tonight
But this be the special edition the encore track
Dedicated to you, got the Dance floor packed
Our eyes meet together in the centre of the room
In amongst the crowd but all I see is you

Let me break it on down,
Break it down like a slow jam,
Just take my hand, (just take my hand),
Cause right now I'm your man

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