The Bitter Taste Of Love Testo

Testo The Bitter Taste Of Love

You know, I'm not a guy that uses to say romantic words to say something that you could read on my face.
I miss her just sometimes. I love her as much as everyoune could.
All I wont is break this wall, I wont to hold her body I wont let her go.
All I wont is touch her everyday, bite her lips, close her eyes and be in her head.
I'm still here.I'm waiting for everybody's gone to stay alone with her and disappear in my car.
Sometimes i forgot her name but she don't care becouse we want the same thing.
Please don't give up your intentions becouse I'm sure I couldn't be a good boyfriend for you.
I don't know how this started. I don't wanna deny anything but it's useless say that i love you.
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