Tomorrow Could Be Late Testo

Testo Tomorrow Could Be Late

In these  years I just learned to wait cause
Everything turns grey your constant way to blame
Me takes me far from you !
This place seems so empty without your picture on the wall I don't fool
Anyone cause i'm tried ti listen to your words !
Tomorrow i'll be far from you and thing that
There's no way to understand you now
Tomorrow i will try to sign the end tomorrow i could be sad
And you don't care!
Maybe we've never be a pair i was a dick you were a bitch and we didn't know
That was the only thing the we had we met all
Mistake that we made!
I listen to you but your words don't make  a sound and i said all the
Words that i know just to see if it would show that
You were my only  one our tears are not enough to
Change what we have become !
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