Gateway to Silence Testo

Testo Gateway to Silence

I can see now
Clearly the end
I know
Which card will be drawn next

[Repeat last verse]

I know my time has come
To take my place
Among the circle of shadows
...of shadows!

The memories of pain
You caused with malice
Are but faint echoes
Now growing distant

Your pins and your flames
Cannot hold me any longer

[Repeat last verse]


My revenge is certain
The cauldron awaits,
for you - as well

My spirit will endure the end
My hate will be the guide
Endlessly roaming the blind Abyss

So, you now see
My friend
Even Hell has its martyrs

"Spirit will endure the end
Hate will be my only guide
Spirit will endure the end
My hate will be the guide"
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