(You Are) The Gleaming King Testo

Testo (You Are) The Gleaming King

You are the Gleaming King
In the starry plains
Of the Twilight Sky

Who stands Among
Spirits of Darkness
Your Throne made of Stone
Your Scepter made of Gold

Take us to Your World Horned One
Take us to a World
That'll Never reach an End


Satan you defeated Jahova the priest
In a world that stands amazed
Before the Miracles of Nature

Satana - Exegersi
Eosfore - Empnefsi

I'll drink to the great day
That we will watch
The eternal church of Jesus Crumbling, Oh!

Take us to Your World Crowned One
A world, that'll Never reach an End

To the Ethereal with You,
You our Lord...
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