Green Grow the Rushes Testo

Testo Green Grow the Rushes

I'll wrap this heart with cellophane
This is completeness again
The victory of which I'd spoken
To mend a heart that was one broken
Cause bodies break and so separate now

Green grow the rushes, oh
These are the seed we've sewn
But who knows that way grow
From a heart of stone and bone

I'll bury these hearts in a casket
Swaddled with love and tightly fastened
I'll bury this love six feet under
Packed down with mud asunder
Cause this blood that flows is all my own
Nourishing my flesh and bones
This blood is all my own
It's mine alone.

Green grow the rushes, oh
These are the seeds we've sewn
Cause veins turn to roots and roots take hold
And they creep up slow

I'll sing you one oh.
Green grow the rushes oh
One is one and all alone
And ever more shall be so
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