Compulsory Behavior Testo

Testo Compulsory Behavior

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The cost of holding in to your ground
is giving up on the compulsories around,
breaking out to be individual,
minding the risk of a suggestive fall
Ignore the lines of date they've set,
their guide to make you meaningless.
It started to weight on my mind
like one moment I can't go on
I feel the decay searching out,
decay searching out for clarity
Deceptions in the hearts that's what I see

Ignore the lines of date so meaningless,
this compulsory behavior

Strangeness surrounds my mind,
feeling blinded, with the surprises I find,
I find when I look in their way

One by one forwarded puppets on a string,
how about reversing?

How about anything?
Have you done what you wanted with time
restricted for your mind,
play then serve before you die!
Don't be a slave of oppressive labour,
compulsory consumed

Brought to ashes by the machine,
educated to be numb guided to take away,
everything that's here inside of us,
everything that's real

The western corporations consume everyone that thinks,
as they keep making money for themselves, this world slowly sinks
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