Beautiful Prize Testo

Testo Beautiful Prize

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The father giveth, and the father taketh away,
Johanna prays in her bed,
He drinks his beer to the TV chatter,
thinks dark thoughts in his head.
When the house that he keeps with his hard won pay,
is finally asleep after his brutal day.
He turns his eyes on his beautiful prize.
Johanna watches her door open just a crack,
And a hand that once held her runs down the length of her back,
Her fallen angel lies down on her bed
So much confusion in her beautiful head,
Johanna closes her eyes.

In a house full of secrets the truth doesn't matter,
Johanna buries her shame and dreams of redemption
They just scatter, she grows numb to the pain
She can't remember how it was before
She doesn't know who she is anymore
She's in disguise as his beautiful prize.

Johanna watches her life from the outside
and she dreams that one day she'll fly free from this mess,
She's a hawk trying to soar with a broken wing,
She doesn't talk anymore about anything
She just closes her eyes.

She just can't stand his anger, she just can't bear his heat,
She takes a long hard look at life on the street, yeah
In a house full of secrets the truth doesn't matter
Any dreams of salvation, they just shatter

Johanna watches the world from the outside,
and she dreams of the day she'll fly free of this mess,
She doesn't know what she's waiting for,
Because there's nothing left in this house anymore
and in his eyes she's just a beautiful prize
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