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So this is the cage that I built, why I built it I don't know
It's bars made of anger and guilt, no lock,
but somehow it just wouldn't let me go.
All hail the messenger of love.
I got your message loud and clear.
Now I'm hungry to be healed
and you can't, you can't keep me away

(I'm free) When we are one, I am complete
(I'm free) And I'm undone and I will be healed in your eyes.

I had to close a door in my life for another one to open
so I could go through, though I had no guiding light,
and no signs somehow it still lead me to you.
I learned a lesson here in love and it's ringing loud and clear
Now I'm ready to be reveal all the things
that before I could never say

When we are one, I am complete,
I'm undone, and I will be healed at last
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