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In my perfect world there's no need
to right the wronged,
laid down my burden, I know I did not carry the weight,
Not sure to who responsibility belonged,
I turned a blind eye,
while waiting for the hand of fate to still the waters,
heal all the broken hearts,
and hope it would be done without a sacrifice.
And maybe I just wouldn't pay the price.
I've fought this long enough.

Now I send the prayer to heaven for the chance to be,
a better man than the man I see.
I send the prayer to heaven, lay your hands on me,
I ain't a saint but to this I swear I send the prayer.

And now I feel all I can do is not enough.
My Rome is burning and I'm standing at the deep abyss.
But every passion started with an act of love,
and every act of love, started with a single kiss.
Father, father your gift was my world of light,
and I've betrayed you with a single Judas kiss.
I've been my own executioner,
but its not just me anymore.

Burn my wasted pride, open your heart to this,
there's a voice that's crying somewhere,
deep inside my soul for shelter
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