Descending Into Hell Testo

Testo Descending Into Hell

I'm rigged to Fire, and I'm set to blow - I cannot live in this state, break down the doors smash every window, to help the orphans escape - What would Jesus do? I think illuminate - You know what's \"unbiblical?\" - That's Jesus sitting in some blackened room - These people live so violated and we're concerned with church agendas
Oh My God - Pure religion says I fight this war - The hidden millions own back yard, exploited masses.
These kids are all alone, waiting for someone - I tell you what's \"biblical\" the master came to set the captive free and we should be like him, we will worship and pray, then instigate their release! - I can't see Jesus in this Pollutes my trust, it fills my heart with hate - I hear their muffled screams, these children terrified - God what is right, I can't stand by and...I refuse to stand by in this house of fear, its innocent kids who pay the real price, in the House of Fear - Take back every throw away life from the house of Fear - Cant live for myself as innocence dies, in the House of Fear! Holy God Where are you in the dark and hidden place? - How can I sleep when children live as slaves, these are your people Oh God - I'll pray and I'll move, Father say the Word! Cause this is unspeakable, slithering darkness but I'll bring the light - And by the morning they'll all be gone, given the chance to lead a different life - Descending into Hell - Cause these Kids are for sale, we walk into Hell - For those locked in a cell, we walk into Hell - Some can't speak for themselves, we walk into Hell - Even Jesus himself has walked into Hell

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