Sons Of Thunder Testo

Testo Sons Of Thunder

This conflict burns in my veins, I feel injustice surround, stopping my movement in Hope - The stinging words of the crowd, they speak of me like I've lost my mind, like I am some kind of joke - I see the enemies rage, I hear the sickening voice taunt, I feel his wicked eyes shine - Simply no longer afraid I throw my head back and laugh, and take a drink of new wine - The fight is over your souls - Sons of Thunder - Calling the fire down - Burning with hope - Sons of Thunder - My only weapon is truth, hatred's more powerful or so it would seem, sapping my belief in all the things you have shown in the secret - My friends and family just scream, angry at you and they cry out to me They speak sincere unbelief and inside them they mean it - Sons of Thunder - Calling the Fire Down - Bringing Me Home - Sons of Thunder Overcome this world with love - Is there no one who understands, has everyone turned aside, is anyone listening, someone hear me - Does anyone understand, has everyone turned their own way Father help me, return! - In that moment I have felt my life slip from my hands - Becoming heaven's weapon In that instant felt your spirit enter mortal man - See you at Armageddon - Bringing me home

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