Sarah Testo

Testo Sarah

You know it's not the only answer,
but still you want to take that chance,
Your eyes cannot see further than today
Step back; take a good look at your life
And see what you can do to make it right.
There's gotta be a better
Woo-ooo-ooo (You know it's not the only answer)
Woo-ooo-ooo (The least you could've done was tell me)
Woo-ooo-ooo (I need you here)
There are words that i would say to you
If you were here with me, I knew thinks about you the world will never see,
I want to tell you that I love you and i miss you everyday,
Sarah come back to me now and take this pain away
You keep it all deep inside, but whats the point trying to hide,
The face you feel life cannot go on, when you felt down and depressed,
You should have got it off your chest, the world is sorry, now your gone
Why did it have to be black or white?
Somewhere inbetween we could have made it right
There as something that set you apart,
my first love, my first broken heart,
That will never heal, and now I'm wrong,
If you think you can do justice with just one song
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