Sick To Death Testo

Testo Sick To Death

Look out below!
Just cup your hands to break the fall
A little to the right It wont take long
Prepare yourself to catch my heavy heart
I'll show you the scar
And then you'll see
A little piece of you
Has been left in me
Just leave it there, deceit's unfair
But I don't care I don't care

And now we all know
That the truth will set us free
A bit cliche It's too easy
When there's just one rule
To live your life by
Repeat a phrase they will fall for
6 months later and they're at your door
This one's for you They told me to
'Cause they can't do
The things I do to you

Free me I live in fear of losing you
Can you see me Being sincere
Just like you told me to
I see the likeness
Your face in the brightness
What's killing you is making me stronger
My knuckles are white
And I'm holding on tight
I can't hold on any longer

So don't you let go
Of this song, this beat, this melody
The words of sin and tragedy
Are the flipside to the selfless lives we've led
Know when you're gone
You won't be missed
Don't forget to check me off your list
I'm sick to death
There's not much left
Just an empty shell
With no heart left to protect


I wish I had the words
To surpass all the 'I love you's
That you have heard from all the others
Yes it's love I guess it's love
That makes this fucked up twisted world Go round and round And round And round

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