Nice Guys Don't Win Ball Games Testo

Testo Nice Guys Don't Win Ball Games

Your story is blasphemy and it never quite caught on until now
We ain't gonna stop until we're six feet under come on let's hear it keep them
runnin' runnin' for the hills tonight
We go for miles and miles, in search for something good, miles and miles, adjust the search
If blood is what they want, then blood is what they're getting now
I assure you I'll be sure to deliver, retrace the pace, let's keep it up and keep them going
So take a minute just to sit back and clear your head, and know that it's not too hard to be happy instead
I know you could help it if only you just gave me a hand
(Just keep it up, woah oh)
Give it time baby, give it more time
Give it time, just know that all it takes is time
Give it time baby, give it more time
Give it time, oh yeah it's go time
Keep it steady are you ready for a good time baby, I don't think your ready
Could you wait for
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