Black Unholy Presence Testo

Testo Black Unholy Presence

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
When darkness falls upon this pitiful land
Alone I start roaming through your feared shadows
I become as one with night, envelopping your mortal coil
You feel me everywhere, as I invade your mind

In the night, I reveal your pain
Immortal, I bear the dreaded name
Bringer of Doom, beyond your fears I reign
Immortal, forever damned to dwell
In Darkness...

Sadness, Hate, my only companions
Pain and Fear, my only communion

Storming vengeance, I strike your weakened soul
Evil essence, in Hell together we fall

...Voices from inside, the dagger on your throat
Meet me through Death, and eternally roam...

May you feel the powers of pain and eternal grief
May you like me, be an eternal wanderer...

Sadness and Hate, your only companions
Pain and Fear, your only communion
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