Tempting The Bastard Testo

Testo Tempting The Bastard

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Seeing our beautiful, horrific blasphemies
God has never been seen sending us a reward
And Jesus so-called son of the feeble bastard
Has never come again as told the prophecies

Yes Jesus we've won, disciples of Baal
We are forever led by the hand of Belial
Away from this poor life where you hoped we'd confine
And into our glory forever we shall ride

In the times when you feel alone and abandoned
When you think of the past when you had the power
Don't you ever wish to send us a disaster
Send us our final blow, give us Armaggedon

Let Temptation lead you, be guided by Satan
Come and join us in Hell, and let your father cry
You were only a man, and as a man you died
Come to us as a man, admitting your error

Obstinate messenger of a weak imbecile
I know that you'll never open your blinded eyes
To you Jesus I send all my Hate and Contempt
Dare to come back again, for in the Dark I wait

In the Dark... In the Dark I wait...

I want to use the sword and to die by the sword
I want to commit sins, to Hell my life is sold
I want to dive in Lust, enjoy the Flesh delights
All of this you'll behold, impotent with fright

In The Dark... In the Dark I wait...

And then I will rejoice at the sound of your cries
I'll get drunk with your Blood, to Me it's only wine
By your name I shall swear, your altars I shall soil
And then for the first time you'll feel Hate in your soul

For the Glory of all Evil Souls, die !
All Hail Satan...
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