Spirit Of Vertova Testo

Testo Spirit Of Vertova

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
They step into the old house
Strange crucifixes hanging on the walls
Soon they invert them all
The invocation ritual has begun

Magic circle in the red chamber
What's going on tonight?
The spirit they have called
Refuses talking to them

In the red chamber
Flames are growing high
They are no longer
The daemon is alive

"Strange noises of footsteps above my head
There is no one here except me
The spirit we have called is too strong for us
It won't live after we've read the Enochian key"

"Credo in Satanas, omnipotentem daemonium
Factorem Bellum et pestis
Visibilium malum et invisibilium
Expecto dies irae suis et bellum universalis

And so they stride on, out in the dark
Creatures of night exiled
Walking desperately, seeking refuge in Hell
Thinking of a way to reconquer their lair

"They have found us dead three days after this night
Five dead bodies around a pentagram
All of our questions have gotten an answer
We are forever doomed to haunt the red chamber".
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