Diabolic Revelation Testo

Testo Diabolic Revelation

[Music written by Necrosodom Anno 1998]

Darkness comes with the semen of hell
Prophecy becomes reality, turning world into the funeral pyre
The trumpets of angels - the voice of weakness will sound no more

The flame of divinity died out forever
Children of the bastard crowded in fear like cattle
Desperation hidden under the mask of happiness
Antichrist comes with the armies of the horned lord
Suffering is waiting for the punishment
We were betrayed by the god of heaven
Thousands of years before the jester christ was born
Father of the creation, lord of fire
Turned out his face...
Spit at the lies of the light

Angel of the light became Satan

Tears and blood upon the altar of salvation
...Ever wish has its price
Interdictions written to rule the time
Venomous smiles to rule the minds
...Paradise is based on lies...

Regie Satanas Dominus Inferni

Let me see the hatred in your burning eyes
Your true son I am
Thy spread my black wings at the sunless skies
Supreme blasphemy I am
Let me be a part of your glory

My black eves watch the fall of god
The heaven's kingdom burnt and forgotten
Religion became the myth
Windy disemboweled earth now is...
The death's Stormlord domain

[Written by Aryman]
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