Everlasting Infernal Puissance Testo

Testo Everlasting Infernal Puissance

[Music written by Paimon]

Upon the ruins that conqueror left
Upon the remains of the celestial fiction
Death's poisonous exhalation has grown
Winds spread the odor of the clotted gore
Manifestation of the decline
Worthless creed of the penitence
Hallowed illusion of godsend
Trodden by Satanic cloven hoof
Fated to be forgotten

Decease is the lot of christendom
Feebleness devoted to annihilation
Satan is the vanquisher

Salve Satanas
I worship the never-ending Devilry
Ave Satanas
I proclaim the Ophidian domination
Salve Satanas
I celebrate the Devilish arrival
Ave Satanas
I conjure the ineffable Inferno

Praised be the puissant Lucifer
Praised be the everlasting Goatlord
Arise and drink the infant's blood
For Your adoration I sacrificed them

Extol the Diabolic uprising
Extol the Diabolic names
After all these years... Serpent reaches for His throne

[Written by Aryman]
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