Spoony Geeza (English) Testo

Testo Spoony Geeza (English)

There is a story of Spoony gee-za
They called him no-man
I've never seen another one
laughing like he used to do

people did
What envy told
Stealing all spoony's things

"we require uniformity in this town"

But he begun to laugh
More and more
Happy and calm

Was there that the people
fling into a rage
burnt his home and garden

But he started to sleep on the ash
And he was laughing
Calm and happy

All The People of those town
Met in a place shouting
Words of blood.
That smile was illegal.

"we require uniformity in this town"

They caught him
while he was sleeping
and cut his mouth

but his eyes were still smiling

they cut his eyes too
and put them three feet under.
Peace came back into that town
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