Fear Of Being A Giant Testo

Testo Fear Of Being A Giant

Overhead look at blue what a sky so high above I try to reach inside to know how high I dare to go maybe it's just gravity that's going to keep me in my place there's so much space to fill but I've still got this weight understand the things we see but they take some time to reach unless we learn to live on thousand foot high ladders maybe all we've ever done is think of ways to pass the time but who wears watches when their wrists are being tied are we all small like all the ants that like to crawl along the walls into the cracks to get away from all the eyes that see themselves in certain ways as tall as skies as big as giants what can we believe when we pretend that we don't see or talk or dream about a chance to run away we all have eyes that see ourselves in different ways as tall as skies as big as giants

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