Seeing Things Testo

Testo Seeing Things

It's unbelievable all the things that have never really happened the sucker punches get me while I'm blinking what the hell was I thinking maybe there was something in my eyes again I guess it seems I'm seeing things again and will I really have to wait for the end of the world I don't understand I heard that it was best to take it day by day and I know I learn from my mistakes and to use it in my life so maybe the next time will be the last but what this is just doesn't seem to be something I can control it's just that sometimes people make no sense to me they tell me one thing then do another and wonder why I wonder why so I just stand in line and wait to be the next in line to take the place of who was standing there before and then I'll promise not to make myself another promise like the one I made myself before and then I'll try to find the reason why I'm seeing things again with unsuspecting colored eyes I'm seeing things again no longer will I try to guess what someone else intends and am I really going to have to wait until the end of the world

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