How Flies Get Fat Testo

Testo How Flies Get Fat

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Here we go again skipping all the stones who will ever know how can anyone believe that what they're fed will eradicate a hunger that exists within their own reality maybe half of what we have is more than we need but no one wants to be the first to throw away we build machines to make machines that run machines and break our backs when we can't carry what they weigh who's going to carry all the weight of our own reality all we have is everything but sometimes we'll do anything to dig ourselves a hole that's deep enough so all we see is all the dirt that keeps a dead man from his dreams and all that's living from us all the words that people say about the fact that we should change the way we live from sun until moon are gasoline that soak the pages written by the hands that scratch the heads that try to understand it and someone has been busy building something that somebody said will serve some kind of purpose in the days and years that lay ahead if you want it you can have it they say it only gets better they're only trying to make it better for us all

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